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Sir William Ramsay School

Empowering Everyone to Achieve

School Discipline

Good standards of behaviour are insisted upon, not just for the well-being of the school community but also as part of the preparation for adult life. We hope that our students will accept a code of conduct which is based upon honesty, politeness, respect for others, and respect for the property of others; this is displayed in every class room.

We hope to create a healthy, friendly environment suitable for the pursuit of knowledge and learning. Self-discipline is the most meaningful discipline in an educational establishment. In those instances when students fail to show proper respect towards persons or property, the reason may sometimes be found outside the School, and the co-operation of parents and guardians may be sought to discover and eradicate the cause. Such co-operation is frequently sought on many aspects of the academic and personal development of students. We therefore value and expect the support of parents and guardians.

According to the nature and seriousness of the problem and disciplinary measures will be taken by a member of staff, a Head of (Subject) Department, the appropriate Pastoral Co-ordinator, the Assistant Headteacher, the Deputy Head or the Headteacher.

Indiscipline may lead to any or all of the following sanctions:

  • Appropriate advice and counselling
  • A sever reprimand
  • Contact and discussion with parents
  • Proposed contact with outside agencies
  • Detention after normal school hours
  • The use of a daily disciplinary report
  • Withdrawal from lessons
  • Exclusion from School (fixed term or permanent)

Parents seeking admission for their child will be asked to complete a form acknowledging their support and that of their child for the school's standards of work and behaviour, and for the sanctions to be applied where these are not met.