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Sir William Ramsay School understands that attendance at school is vital in maximising a child’s success at school and for their future life chances.

We therefore robustly promote excellent attendance and endeavour to ensure that all of our students receive a full-time education which maximises their opportunity to realise their full potential.

If your child is absent for any reason please contact the school before 8.30am.  There are a variety of ways to ensure the school has been informed:
  1.  School Gateway, the smartphone app or web based portal is available to all parents/carers
  2.  Email the Attendance Officer on

It is expected that student absence should be reported every day; this also applies to an absence for part of the day.   Whichever option you choose, clearly state your name, the student's name, including surname and Tutor Group, plus a specific reason for the absence.  All late arrivals and reported absences will be updated to registers by  approximately  8.30am.

If we have not received a message reporting the reason for absence by 10.00 am you will receive a text saying " has not registered at school today AM, ". Please respond to this by replying to the text message, ringing the absence line or sending an email, as outlined above.  Your child will be expected to catch up with missed work upon their return.

If we do not receive a reason for your child's absence, the school will mark this on the register as unauthorised. Unauthorised absences are considered a safeguarding concern."

Dental/Medical Appointments - Advance Notice

If you know in advance of your child's absence from school on specific days, (for dental/medical treatment or for domestic reasons), prior notice should be given to the Attendance Officer.  The easiest way to do this is at the time of booking using the Gateway App, we can then mark this on our system.

Medical Form

Leave of Absence

If you wish to apply for leave of absence, this application should be made at least one month in advance directly to the Headteacher on the appropriate form (which is available to download here or from the Attendance Officer).  Please note that the granting of absence during term time is entirely at the discretion of the Headteacher and is only made in exceptional circumstances.

Leave of Absence Form


For further information or queries regarding any of the above or other attendance issues, please contact the Attendance Officer via e-mail: