Sir William Ramsay School

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Timings of the School Day

Time Event
08:25 Students Arrive At School & Line Up 
08:30 Registration, Form Time and Assembly
08:50 PERIOD 1
09:50 PERIOD 2
10:50 Break 1
11:20 PERIOD 3
12:20 PERIOD 4
13:20 Break 2
13:50 PM Registration
14:00 PERIOD 5
15:00 End of School Day

Each day begins with registration and all students are expected to be at their designated area and ready in their alphabetical registration line by 08:25, they will then be lead to their form rooms by their Form Tutor.

The school day ends at 15:00.  The school day is divided into five teaching periods of one hour's duration.  Each week all students receive 25 hours of actual teaching time excluding time for registration, school assemblies and breaks which total 32.5 hours.