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Music Department Funding

Dear Parent/Carer

As a Music Department at Sir William Ramsay School we would firstly like to thank you for your support with our subject, especially with attending any of our concerts this school year. We have had some fantastic moments already and, in addition to that, raised some significant funding that has allowed us to maintain a certain level of resources as well as adding some additional value and enrichment to our department.  Something that we have been able to do is start to improve our Music Technology resources in the way of Apple Macs, MIDI keyboards and software. The repairing of damaged equipment has also been possible, as well as the addition of a new piano and the tuning of some old instruments.

Unfortunately, with education cuts being what they are, we have to rely heavily on money we can raise ourselves.  Sadly, the money we raise only goes so far and the events we hold only raise so much. So it is with great hope and sincerity that we invite you to assist us with enriching the department further still and help to give our students here an outstanding musical and technological experience that will provide them with even more skills, knowledge and passion in this subject and hopefully others.

For more information please see below attachment