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Sir William Ramsay School

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2018 GCSE exam results

‘I have been proud of all the staff and students at Sir William Ramsay School in my first year as Headteacher and their hard work has paid off with a set of excellent results’ said Mrs McLintock, Headteacher.

‘This can be clearly seen in the school’s results’, she went on to say ‘the consistent improvement we have made across the school has resulted in 16 grade 9’s across 9 different subjects including English, Maths and Double and Triple Science. The new grade 9 is only awarded to the absolute top students across the country, meaning that a number of our students were in the top 3-6% in their subject, in England. Amazing results!’

‘Our students have worked hard and been determined to succeed, it was a pleasure to see them grow over the past year to gain such well-deserved results. We are looking forward to welcoming many of them back into our Sixth Form’ said Mr Thomas the Head of Year 11. Mr Thomas, along with the Heads of Departments worked hard with students to ensure they were fully prepared for the changes to GCSE and motivated to do well.

Mrs McLintock has worked hard with governors, staff and parents to evolve the culture at Sir William Ramsay over the past 12 months and this has led to it being oversubscribed. She attributes this to the hard work and dedication of the staff at Sir William Ramsay school and the students who rise to the challenges they are given.

Well done to all Sir William Ramsay students!

A few the top performers at Sir William Ramsay School were:

  • Benjamin Lewis achieved 5 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8, 2 x Distinction Starred and a grade 6
  • Isabelle Bravington achieved 2 x grade 9, 4 x grade 8, a grade 7, a Distinction Starred and a grade 6
  • Carolina De Carvalho achieved 2 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8, 5 x grade 7 and an A*
  • Aliyah Ali achieved 3 x grade 9, 3 x grade 8, 2 x grade 7 and a grade 6.

Subjects in which grade 9 was achieved: English Language, English Literature, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Spanish and Double Science.

Subjects which achieved BTEC Distinction starred: Business Studies, Dance, Drama, Health and Social Care, ICT, Media Studies, Music and Sport.

Here are some happy faces from SWR:

Further information to help understand the results:

With the new changes most subjects, other than English and Maths, were graded 9-1 this year, with 9 the highest grades.

The new 9-1 grade scale is not directly equivalent to the old A*-G scale. However, there are grade comparison points:

  • The grade 7 is equivalent to a grade A.
  •  The grade 4 is equivalent to a grade C

The government and Department for Education (DfE) have specified that the new GCSE syllabuses include more challenging and knowledge-based content with exams only at the end of the course. This means it is difficult to make comparisons with the results of previous years, and as these are new qualifications in their first year with more challenging content and a different assessment regime.

BTEC changes meant that these subjects had an externally examined unit this year.