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Sir William Ramsay School

Empowering Everyone to Achieve

A learning device for every student

Our goal is to put a learning device in the hands of every student, enabling them to take control of their learning journey in any location, at any time. To achieve this goal parents will be given the option of signing up to a school led device lease/purchase scheme.

It is extremely important to us to ensure the scheme is both affordable and accessible. The scheme will allow ownership of the device to be transferred to the parent/ student following a period of flexible, monthly payments.

The School is committed to ensuring the device scheme will improve students engagement, independent learning and collaboration, develop research skills and extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom and the school day.

Our vision is to maximise opportunities for self-driven, personalised learning.

The school will ensure that our device scheme is equitable so that no student is disadvantaged in any way.

What we plan to do

  • Invest over £100k in our technology infrastructure, network and Wi-Fi connectivity to ‘pave the way’ for future learning, providing seamless, equitable access across the school.
  • Build upon our fantastic use of digital tools and resources to empower students, teachers and support staff to meet and exceed their potential with technology to enhance teaching and learning and enable self-driven learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Offer a fair, affordable, and sustainable device purchasing programme which ensures that all learners have access to personal technology to support their learning both in school and at home.

What will be included in the device scheme?

  • The School will be working with a specialist education device-leasing partner to manage and administer all financial aspects of device purchasing.
  • The School will carefully consider the type of device, based on the requirements of our curriculum, the needs of our students and our wider digital ecosystem at SWR. We are working with specialist partners to select the best specification devices, ensuring a good balance of quality and affordability.
  • The cost of the scheme will include:
    • A device and charger
    • A protective carry-case
    • Insurance cover for repair and theft of the device
    • Support, warranty & repairs for the duration of the lease

What are the payment options?

  • The device purchasing scheme will be made as flexible as possible, to ensure it is accessible for every student.
  • Although we are working on the final details and costs, we can share the following information on payment options at this stage:
    • We envisage that our device leasing scheme will be offered to parents at a range of monthly repayment periods, up to 36 months.
    • Cost of device can be paid up front, if preferred.
    • We are committed to supporting students and their families with flexibility in payments to ensure affordability and equitability across the entire school community.

Educational Benefits – ‘another tool in the learning toolbox’

  • Providing a personal device for every student will enable 'anytime’ access to digital learning resources, better communication with teachers for support and feedback, and ultimately empower students to lead their own learning journey with SWR.
  • Educational activities may include researching information and note taking, creating and collaborating on documents, analysing and presenting data for projects, participating in surveys, producing multi-media content such as presentations, blogs and vlogs, graphic and video content, e-books, and more.
  • Importantly, our aim is NOT to digitise all aspects of the curriculum, but to enable and empower every student with the tools and resources for 21st century learning. The use of the devices in school will be appropriately integrated within the curriculum and will always remain at the discretion of our teachers.

Creating Student Digital Ambassadors ‘SDAs”

  • A new Student Digital Ambassadors programme will help to promote digital citizenship among our entire school community, supporting correct and responsible use of technology.
  • To drive this programme forward, we are creating a digital team, with representatives across the whole school, including a Student Digital Ambassadors programme. Our digital team will support the whole school community with skills, competencies, and best practices for digital learning.
  • A new Student Digital Ambassadors 'SDA’ initiative led by teachers will offer leadership opportunities to students with a passion for technology.
  • SDAs will be students with a passion to help their school shape vision and strategy for the use of technology. They will take on and develop leadership roles which provide advice and guidance on the effectiveness of technology throughout the SWR community.

Student Responsibility

  • Students will be encouraged to be solely responsible for their device, ensuring they bring it fully charged to school each day, ready to begin learning.
  • We will be working with our Student Digital Ambassadors team to co-construct an acceptable use policy with guidance from our staff digital team, giving the learner community accountability for their own safe and responsible use of devices.

Safe and Secure

  • To maintain a safe and secure learning environment, a filtered Internet connection will be provided for learners when connected to the School network.
  • When outside of school environment, the School will not impose any filtering or restrictions either on devices or home/public internet connections. All students will be provided with guidance and safeguarding to promote responsible use of their device, regardless of location.

An ecosystem to support 21st Century Learning

  • SWR is investing heavily (over £100k) in both our network infrastructure, wireless network and technical support ecosystem, to ensure that learners can fully utilise their device to enhance teaching & learning.
  • Our whole school have been using the Microsoft 365 eco-system for several years, and we have committed to make this our cloud collaboration platform of choice. We will be investing in deepening our adoption of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Office 365, with training and support in place to promote the most effective use of these tools to enhance teaching and learning. This will include setting and handing in assignments and collaborating on school assignments via Microsoft Teams.
  • We have committed to providing ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to continually develop staff digital skills. Our plan is to support teachers to gain Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) status. Our aim is to make SWR a ‘lighthouse’ of best practice for other schools in the area looking to follow a similar digital learning path.