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Adviza portal

You can access the portal on this link:


Do I need to login to the portal?

Not at present - we have temporarily removed the need to login, so when you click on the link you will be able to see all the content on the portal.

Why have you changed this?

Due to some unexpected technical issues around the shared login, we have temporarily suspended the need to log in to the portal whilst we explore other options. We will keep you updated on progress and notify you of any changes as soon as we can.

What if I can see the School log in link on the website?

We have removed the School Log in link from the website but this might still appear if you haven’t cleared your cache (in your browsing history). Please ignore it and access the site through the link above.

What if I am still logged in to the portal?

You should no longer be logged in to the portal but you can check this by going to the footer of the website. If there is a link saying Log out then you need to log out before accessing the portal. It's important to log out, so that if and when you book events you will receive the booking confirmation and joining instructions to your email address.

Can anyone use the features on the portal?

The portal is for use by students, parents/carers and school staff who have a contract with Adviza only. To use the live webchat and to book an event you will be asked to give your name and the name of your/your child’s school and year group.