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Sir William Ramsay School

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Digital Learning

Digital Learning at SWR

In 2020, our learning community was faced with an unprecedented challenge: How can we continue to deliver high quality, engaging teaching and learning at a distance?

We’re enormously proud of our entire school community for rising to this challenge, adapting and adopting new ways of learning – which was made possible through the effective use of technology.

Building upon this great work, we now look forward to the future and ask; “what does the future of teaching and learning look like?”

Our new digital learning strategy aims to provide every student with their own personal device for learning, made possible by a school lease/purchasing scheme which will be made available to all students.

“We believe that providing ongoing access to technology will help students to develop greater independence, increase engagement and attainment, and develop the skills required to thrive in the 21st Century.”

Christine McLintock, Headteacher

At SWR, we promote the concept of ‘Thinking Hard’, the idea that effective learning happens when students can think deeply about what they are learning. Our new digital learning strategy reinforces this idea, enabling our students with ubiquitous access to the tools and information they need, anytime, anywhere!