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30th April 2004 - 13th August 2020


Apryl, a much respected Year 11 student, died unexpectedly on 13th August 2020 whilst on holiday in France with her family and friends.

Apryl was bubbly, intelligent and wanted to be Counsellor, supporting people with mental health issues. Apryl was an excellent role model; she supported younger students at Dance events and worked with Senior Citizens at our annual Pensioners' Christmas Party.

Apryl will be missed by everyone that knew her. If you would like to leave a message for Apryl's family, please use the 'submit a message'  on the left hand side of the page. If you want to upload a photo of Apryl then please email it to

Please click here to watch and download the tribute video.


 Ian Scorer

On behalf of Nikki, Dee and myself, I would like to thank everyone for the beautiful words and feelings expressed for our angel. We have of course always told her how special she was and always got the standard response of you have to say that, you are my parents. As I have said to some of you personally, I would just like to extend it to everyone, Apryl was special girl through the love, friendship, support, kindness of everyone, not just the family.

So thank you all so much for your love and help for our baby girl.
She was taken much too soon, but know she appreciated all the love she received and lived her short life to the fullest.

Ian Scorer very proud father

Ms Adams:
I had the pleasure of teaching Apryl when she was in year 7, 9 and 10. She was the most friendly, sweet and bubbily young lady. I was truly shocked when I found out about her death. Life is so precious, and to lose someone so fabulous, that is a credit to the school and your beautiful family is heart breaking. She will remain in my prayers. She would have been so happy with her grades and would have gone on to do incredible things and inspired many to follow in her footsteps. I will miss her!

Mia Browne:
Sleep tight apy, no words can explain how much I love and miss you x you will forever be a sister to me and everything you have done for me will never ever be forgotten, you are the kindest most beautiful girl and I'm the proudest best friend, you will forever be by my side and I know your still with me helping me, I can't thank you enough for making me smile and laugh every single day x
We have all lost the purest soul and heaven has gained the most beautiful angel, I love you always
Mia x

K Grigg:
Dear The Scorer Family, I can not even begin to express how deeply saddened I was on hearing the devastating news of the loss of Apryl. She was such a kind and considerate young lady who had huge potential. The PE team are very proud of Apryl, how she was always willing to give any sport a go and always happy to help out in any team or sport. Apryl was also one of our sports leaders, again showing such compassion and care to all those she worked with. My thoughts are with you all. Take Care.

P Patterson:
I didn't teach you but I have heard so many lovely things about you. I hope that the universe gives your family all the strength and grace to handle missing you, knowing that you will live on in their hearts and minds.

M Oxlade:
Apryl was such a lovely girl with a heart of gold . My first memory of April was back when I was three years old going to pre school with her. Apryl use to live opposite me and we would play out after school together she was such a kind and bubbly person and she will be missed by everyone . Fly high and dance with the angels gorgeous girl xxx love Millie

Raja Noor Iqbal:
Apryl, you will be missed loads by everyone, fly high angel x❤️🕊

Miss Russell:
Apryl, with forever twinkling eyes.

Eyes full of life and fun, bursting with your dreams for the future. Eyes that were far wiser than you ever showed and that concealed the secrets that hid behind the twinkles. You have left your mark in this world and I feel privileged to have known you.

Now close those twinkling eyes and rest peacefully. Your twinkle lives on.

Miss Russell

R Flanagan:
Having known Apryl for many years at the school I remember her as a polite and hardworking student who asked for support if she needed, and had such great potential. I taught Apryl triple physics, a subject which she really persevered at to get her results. I was so proud to award her centre assessed grade for her GCSE, and wished so much she and her fellow students had the opportunity to show exactly what they could do in the exam season. I will miss her greatly, and send love to her family xx

Faye Anderson:
I had the pleasure of dancing and performing with Apryl. She was the most talented and caring person I have met. Both her and her beautiful smile will be missed. Rest easy lovely x

Miah Woods:
Apy i am so beyond grateful to have had you in my life for 13 years. 13 whole years that you filled with happy, beautiful and crazy memories for me which I will cherish forever and always. You loved and supported not just me but so many other people who are just as grateful as me to have had you in there life. You are truly one of a kind and no one could ever match what you brought to the world. Keep dancing with the angels my gorgeous! We will dance together again.
Love you endlessly,
Miah x

Becca W:
Apryl - you were the funniest, loveliest, strongest and most self-less girl I know and I’m so glad I could call you my best friend. You were a huge part of everyone’s lives and I am so so proud of you and everything you have done. I have countless memories and jokes with you that I will treasure forever. No words can describe how much I miss you , but I know you’re still by my side. I hope I’m doing you proud. Thank you for always being there for me- keep singing and dancing with the angels xxxx

Elysa Ogbewe:
Dear Apryl, thank you for being such an amazing friend and always making me smile. i still cant believe I'm never going to see you again and that you are gone from this earth. i will always love you and you will never leave my memory. fly high angel. love from Elysa

Beth Ls:
Apryl I love you so much, I can't express enough how thankful I am to have grown up with such a perfect angel. I'll forever look up to you and I know you're in all of our hearts with your soul and kindness keeping us strong and safe. You were taken so soon but still managed to selflessly spread so much love in your lifetime and I'm so grateful for that. Every single memory I have is an amazing blessing and I will cherish each one forever. I miss you so so much. Rest easy beautiful xx

Rest in peace my lovely Apryl.  I will always cherish the moment I have had with you..I remember the times we would all just it and laugh at the dance rehearsals and how we would all just scoff our faces with food. I remember our FaceTime calls when you would pull funny faces and look ridiculous because of the lighting in your room- and these are just a few of my favourite memories. I hope you are dancing up there for us dance girls, and know it will always be us 8 girls. I love you. Isla x

Louis Andrianasolo (Apryl Friend from France):
Apryl was a big friend, her passing has completely stunned me and my friends. I, Enzo, Tristan and Aloïs have no words to describe the incident. It seems like yesterday. She will keep us from heaven at any time, anywhere. She will be considered as a little sister, we will never forgot her memory and she will be always in our heart. Gone but never forgotten
My thoughts will go to Her family

Tu nous Manques Apryl
Veille sur nous

Tes meilleurs amis Français


Hana Tauseeque:
Apryl was so kind to everyone around her. she was selfless and had a warm heart, and she was such an amazing person that I’m grateful to have known. Every time I saw her she had a smile on her face, she was so full of joy. She was such a talented person who had a bright future ahead of her. It’s hard to believe she was taken so soon, but I know she is safe in heaven. My thoughts are always with her family and friends and everyone else that knew her. fly high angel, we all will miss you ❤️🕊 x

S Carro:
Dearest Nikki and Daniella

I was so very sorry to learn of the devastating and far too early death of Apryl. I know no words can begin to help you with this terrible loss, but I hope that you know that you are in my thoughts and that you are able to get some comfort in knowing how loved Apryl was in the SWR family. S Carro

E Edwards:
Apryl, you will be greatly missed by everyone who knew you.
Fly high xx ❤️🕊

Chloe Roberts:
Apy, thank you for an incredible 6 years of friendship, thank you for holding my hand when times were tough and for being my no1 cheerleader for my achievements. You was the most self-less person i've ever met and had an impact on everyone around you. I know your watching over us and I hope we are making you proud. You are always going to be like a younger sister to me and I will always cherish our memories x Until we meet again beautiful, sleep tight. Chloe x

Mrs McLintock:
The photo sums Apryl up so beautifully - bubbly, smiley and an absolute pleasure to be around. Apryl - I will always remember you.

N Taylor:
Apryl, I am utterly heartbroken to hear the sad news about your passing . My fondest memories of you go back to when I was one of your Keyworkers at Manor farm Pre-school. You would sit on my lap for circle time, listening to the stories so intently. Such a beautiful girl, always smiling and always at the craft table! Your family, like mine, have grown up in Hazlemere, you're part of the village, part of every Sports day, Summer fayre and Christmas play and you will always be. Bless you xx

D Thomas (Former Ramsay staff):
Apryl, your sudden and tragic passing has saddened many, however it is in times like these we need to remember all the happy and positive memories we hold of you. For example I could never knock your willingness to have a go at any sport, when I needed just one more player. Representing the school on numerous occasions at Netball, Tennis, Rounders, Badminton and Football. Many happy memories on those fixtures, such as you Becca and Beth always raiding my sweet draw as soon as I stepped out the office, the continuous loan of a PE coat depending on which member of staff wasn’t in that day, cheesy playlists, gossip sessions on a Monday at Girl’s Football and how can we forget the trip to Amersham and the torrid 5 minutes spell you had on the football pitch that day. Your kind hearted nature and can do attitude was exemplary to other students to follow and made you a fantastic ambassador for the school. It was an absolute pleasure to watch you grow and flourish during your time at SWR. It is with great regret that you were taken so soon and I feel privileged to have known you. Rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.

Mr G Roberts (Former HoY to Apryl):

It was an honour to have been Apryls Head of Year while she was in Year 10. Apryl was an exemplary student who always had a smile on her face. Nothing was ever too much trouble. She lit up a room with her infectious positive attitude to absolutely everything she did.

Apryl, your bright light will shine on for ever in the hearts of everyone you ever worked with, supported, spoke to. You will be sadly missed.

My deepest condolences to all of the family, friends and the whole Ramsay community.

Ellie Ludgate-Williams:
Apryl thank you so much for being apart of my life and i can’t thank you enough for what u have done for me and everyone else around u. your personality brought light to every room u walk into. i’m always going to remember the small moment we had together and the distinct bubbly laugh of yours. you had the most amazing beautiful soul to have ever known and the most caring heart i had encountered with. i am going to miss you so much but i hope u rest in paradise gorgeous. i love you ❤️

My children met Apryl when they all went to the same childminder- my two were just 4 and 7 at the time- they saw Apryl as part of their family - that never changed- the last time we saw Apryl was when my eldest daughter went on a school tour of SWR- and it was like they were all back together again as one happy family- I will never forget how happy my two were to see Apryl again and give her a hug and how delighted she was to see them again- will never forget you Apryl ❤️

Mrs Wolfenden:
I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Apryl and wish to share my heartfelt condolences to all her family and friends. She was an incredible role model and she will be hugely missed within the SWR community.

Rest in peace Apryl.

Emily Enright:
Apryl, the girl who always had a smile on her face and the girl who always made me believe in myself. She always had a way of lighting up the room so everyone knew that she was around. I will miss you forever and I will always remember you. The memories we have together I will always cherish and the amount of love I have for you will never ever fade. Goodnight sweet angel, I hope you're watching over us all smiling and feeling proud.

I love you forever and always,
Emily xx

Briony Foreman:
To most loving and kind hearted girl Apryl,

Im truly devastated to have lost a such a beautiful friend , not only have you stayed by my side through everything but you never failed to give me the most love, time and support. You couldn't have been a better bestfriend to me and i am internally grateful to have had the chance to make the memories we have, i will cherish them forever. You are a true blessing to everyone that was lucky enough to know you

Rest in peace my angel, Love Briony xxx

Erin Jacobson:

I cannot thank you enough for the endless amount of love, guidance and support you gave me and so many others over the years. Even though we weren't close for long, I am so thankful I was able to experience such kindness and pure selflessness. I hope to make you proud. Dancing will never feel the same without you there, but we dedicate every performance to you and you will always be part of the dance girls. Rest easy beautiful.

I love you always.

Mrs Parker:

Apryl you were the first student on my very first day that I spoke to and you made me feel immediately at ease . Your smile was infectious and you had the ability to brighten any room you were in. You made the world a better place and I feel honoured to have known you.

RIP lovely girl. Heaven has gained such a beautiful soul I hope you are singing and dancing daily xxx

Sarah Bryan:
Words cannot express how sorry I was to hear about your loss. I had the pleasure of working closely with Apryl, she was such a beautiful soul and will be missed by everyone who knew her.
Apryl, thank you for the lessons you taught me and for the laughter we shared along the way. Your compassion, kindness and smile were infectious, you touched so many peoples lives in such a positive way.
Rest In Peace sweet Angel.

Georgia PM:
To Apryl,

I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to know you as well as others, but whenever we did speak you had nothing but kind things to say. Thank you for being the person that was a shoulder to cry on for anyone and everyone who needed it, and for being responsible for putting smiles on the faces of many. Rest in peace beautiful, heaven truly has gained the greatest angel.

Love from
Georgia xx

Sophie Burr:

you will forever be the the most kindhearted girl who always puts everyone else before yourself.
i had such a great summer seeing you at the rec where we sat on the grass listening to LilTjay.
i will never forget the many football matches we took part in and the many laughs we had 💜

rest easy gorj, we will all miss you, hope we all do you proud xx