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Sir William Ramsay School

Empowering Everyone to Achieve


Department Staff


Mr H Iqbal

Head of Maths 

Miss S Aslam

Deputy Head of Maths

Ms J Ellis

Teacher of Mathematics

Ms M Natalie

Teacher of Mathematics

Whole school Numeracy co-ordinator

Mr O Oladiran

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr J Epu

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr P Isales

Teacher of Mathematics

Curriculum Overview

  • Currently, under review for Sept 2021

Curriculum Intent

At all levels, students are provided with opportunities to develop mathematical skills and master a growth mindset approach. The emphasis is on empowering students to notice, make connections, explain, justify, conjecture and prove.

We adopt a Mastery approach with one set of mathematical concepts and big ideas for all. We encourage students to deploy models to support their development (ratio tables, area model, graphing) as well as draw a pictorial representation to make sense of a given situation. Challenge is provided through depth rather than acceleration. Students are offered a wide variety of opportunities and experiences that widen their appreciation of mathematics and the world around it.