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Most Able and subject talented

Welcome to Most Able and Subject Talented. Use the links below to help you find a vast amount of stimulating and exciting materials. There are ideas about how you can develop your skills and talents outside of the classroom as well as extend your skills in subjects you enjoy.

KS3 and KS4 Activities


Most Able provision is taken very seriously by staff at SWR. It is part of nation-wide scheme where 10% of students at each school (about 90 students in our case) are part of a national register for exciting extension activities. However, everyone needs to get involved. There are various definitions of what being Most Able and Subject Talented actually means:

  • Most Able are those learners who have abilities in one or more academic subject, such as maths and English.
  • Subject Talented are learners who have particular abilities in individual subjects and every department has a list of these students for each year group. For example, we have several art students who achieved 100% in their coursework last June and we have several athletes across the years who compete at a national level.

As individuals we all have preferred ways of learning and we also learn and understand at different speeds. We are all good at something and the school needs to find and develop these abilities. As a way of beginning this, SWR is continuing to develop an exciting, relevant and challenging curriculum and opportunities in extra-curricular. There are also opportunities for you all to take part in both local and national projects, for example: 

  • Shakespeare School Festival
  • Panasonic Media project
  • Bucks newspaper supplement
  • Visual arts partnerships with artists and the Royal Society of British Artists
  • Maths Challenge UKMT
  • Enterprise Days in the Wycombe Swan
  • Sports Pla