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Sir William Ramsay School

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 OFSTED INSPECTION - 5th and 6th December 2018

Governor Response

Sir William Ramsay School underwent an Ofsted Inspection on the 5th and 6th December 2018 in which an overall effectiveness score of ‘Requires Improvement’ was delivered.  The final report is attached to this email and can also be viewed on the Ofsted Website

The report shows that the school is taking effective action in its drive towards achieving the overall ‘Good’ score with Ofsted.  To maintain this momentum, the Governors will continue to work closely with the students and staff of the school in monitoring performance and the success of our improvement strategies.  

Invitation to Parents/Carers Evening – 15th January 2019

To ensure that parents and carers have an opportunity to ask questions and clarify points, the Governing Body and Headteacher will be holding a meeting on 15th January 2019, starting at 6pm in the Hazlemere Community Centre, as the school Hall is not available due to mock exams.  We would be pleased to see you all there to discuss the successes of the last 2 years and our strategies for getting ‘Good’.

Actions Following 2016 Ofsted Inspection

The outcome of the Ofsted inspection in 2016, when the school was first graded ‘Requires Improvement’, was an unacceptable surprise to the community and much of the year that followed saw significant turbulence throughout the school, including within the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body.  Since that low point the school has been focused on addressing its shortcomings and continues to do so. Changing many aspects of the school without damaging what is good is not a task that is undertaken lightly and there is no quick fix.  Therefore, the Governing Body feels that this most recent report appropriately reflects the current status of the school.  

Along with the appointment of Headteacher Christine McLintock, in September 2017 and Chair of Governors Professor Bryan Mogford, in December 2016, action plans were implemented to bring the school towards the ‘Good’ standard that is expected by all stakeholders.  In supporting the school, an external monitoring officer has been appointed to advise and consult on strategies that the School and Governors can utilise.   

The strong and decisive leadership provided by Mrs McLintock has led the school forward from a low ‘Requires Improvement’ score.  The action plans that supported this have laid foundations that have been reflected in key performance indicators, particularly seen with the recent ‘Above average’ Progress 8 scores and achievements of our disadvantaged students.  

Areas for Improvement

The report also highlights that whilst the action plans and the commitment of the staff under the leadership of Mrs McLintock has seen significant development within the school, there remains room for continued improvement as we move towards the ‘Good’ score expected.  There have been significant changes in the staff body in the last 2 years, meaning that inconsistencies in teaching approaches and attainment remain.  To maintain the progress seen, ‘Link Governors’ have been appointed to monitor the relevant action points and hold the school to account throughout this journey.  The Governors will be looking to support this strategy by continuing with regular visits to the school and detailed review and challenge of performance data provided by the Headteacher.

In addition, reference to student behaviours outside of the classroom remained a focus for the Ofsted inspection team.  Mrs McLintock and staff have demonstrated to the Governors a robust approach to the management of such behaviours, working individually with students and parents to tailor requirements individually.

Sir William Ramsay Strategic Action Plan

The Governing Body and Mrs McLintock agreed to set a Strategic Action Plan for the period from November 2017 to December 2018 to focus school leaders and guide the progress of continual improvement.  

Objective 1: To ensure that all students make at least good progress with particular regard to boys and the more able, including Sixth Form Students. 

Objective 2: To ensure that there is no gap in the progress of students who are 'Not Secondary Ready', 'SEND Support' or 'Pupil Premium' compared to those who are not.

Objective 3: To ensure that The Ramsay 5 is followed in all lessons to allow for consistency in the classroom.  

Objective 4: To ensure that Heads of Year impact on the academic progress of all students in their year group.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team were appointed to act upon the individual objectives and each was supported by a link governor, who took responsibility for monitoring and challenging the strategies used to effect improvement.   

Further information on this Action Plan can be found on the school’s website at:  

School Action plan

Similarly, an Action Plan for 2019 was agreed during the 2018 Autumn Term before the Ofsted inspection. This plan builds on the 2017/18 plan as follows: 

Objective 1: To ensure that boys make at least good progress in English Language and Literature.  

Objective 2: To improve the literacy of boys across the school.  

Objective 3: To ensure that all students make at least good progress in Geography.   

Objective 4: To ensure that the more able students are challenged in the classrooms.  

Objective 5: To improve out of lesson behaviours.  

Objective 6: To develop a Post-16 strategy that secures provision and ensures viability.  

Details of this plan together with the names of the Leadership team members and link Governors responsible for each objective will be published on the school’s website at the end of January.