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Sir William Ramsay School

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Philosophy and Ethics

Department Staff


Mr C Keates

Teacher of Philosophy and Ethics

Mr W Townsend

Teacher of Philosophy and Ethics


Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

The aim of the RPE curriculum is to expand pupils’ knowledge of the world’s diversity and open their minds to the different values, ideas and cultures around them. Our curriculum aims to challenge students' moral points of view and to develop respect and appreciation of how to live in a diverse and inclusive society. We do this by valuing different perspectives through the study of different cultures and religions. Our department aims to promote an awareness of the usefulness of RPE to everyday living, to encourage enthusiasm and interest in the study of other people’s beliefs and cultures. 


KS3-Topics include Religion and Art, Hinduism, Sikhism, project work, Evil, and suffering, Does God exist? Human Rights and Ethics, values and Religion.

KS4-**New for September 2016** OCR Religious Studies (1-9)- J625
Topics include a focus on the beliefs and practices of 2 world religions (Christianity- 75%  and Islam- 25%). This exam encourages a deeper study of Christianity looking at Philosophical and Ethical issues including ‘Relationships and Families’, ‘The Existence of God, ‘Religion, Peace, and Conflict’ and ‘Dialogue Within and Between Religious and Non-Religious Beliefs and Attitudes’.

It is an exciting new course which embraces new aspects of religious inquiry such as the study of multi-faith societies and secularism.

KS5- A Level Religious Studies OCR

Year 1: The study of Philosophy, Ethics and Developments in Christian Thought- includes the study of ancient philosophical influences, arguments for the existence of God, religious experience, Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, euthanasia, business ethics, death and the afterlife, the person of Jesus and knowledge of God.

Year 2: the study of Philosophy, Ethics and Developments in Christian Thought- includes the study of religious language, the nature and attributes of God, meta-ethical theories, sexual ethics, gender and society, gender and theology and Liberation theology and Karl Marx.

After School Clubs or Activities:

Year 7 Philosophy and Ethics film club-Thursday lunchtimes in HU6

A level revision- Tuesdays 3pm-4pm in HU6

GCSE revision Thursdays 3pm-4pm after school in HU6

GCSE revision Friday lunchtimes in HU6

Year 10 and 11 Debate Club- Tuesday lunchtimes in HU6.

My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Paperback – ISBN: 978-1510409767